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Tranny-on-girl Kalena Rios porn

Posted in Kalena on November 16th, 2010




This Kalena Rios porn scene will make you understand that boys are not the only ones that I’m in love with. After all, girls can enjoy that big cock hiding in between my hips too – and I surely don’t mind them enjoying it, as you can see at this shemale porn site offering you a good deal of my pics and videos together with those of other sexy transgender models. Bet you will love watching me getting the best of this trimmed pussy – as well as of many others!

Choose a Kalena Rios birthday girlfriend

Posted in Kalena on October 12th, 2010


Okay, I know that I’m a very hot one (eek, Narcissus spotted!) and I’m sure you will agree with it but… There are lots of other sexy babes too – both female and shemale, I mean. This pic from my buddy’s birthday party proves it vividly – each and every of the girls exposed here is a real beauty, right? If you were to choose one Kalena Rios birthday girlfriend among them, which one would you pick? Well, whoever she is, you are very likely to find her at my friend’s transsexual porn site!

Kalena Rios pictures from the bedroom

Posted in Kalena on September 22nd, 2010




You prefer Kalena Rios pictures to Kalena Rios videos? Well, after I saw the shots from this scene myself, I understood that it was quite logical! Jeez, I really look cute and sexy on these stills – especially the middle one. Bet you would love to turn me around and do me from behind as hard as you only can, wouldn’t you? ;) Fortunately for you, you can see a couple of lucky guys doing this to me simply by clicking here. Hope that will help you get it off well tonight, lover boy! Kisses!

Transsexual Kalena Rios loves picnics

Posted in Kalena on August 25th, 2010




Yeah, yeah, no matter how shocking it might sound but your favorite transsexual Kalena Rios is an outdoor enthusiast. I’m not really into that Boy Scout stuff though – when I go for a walk alfresco, I always grab the sexiest of my bikinis as well as my camera guy with me. What it usually leads to? These pics will give you the answer! However, there are times when I get even dirtier during my outdoor shoots. Wonder how far I can go? Well, just go ahead and click here to see it!

Kalena and Suzanny Petrovick having fun

Posted in Kalena on July 21st, 2010


I don’t want to think that there are other trannies who are as beautiful as me but… This pic Kalena and Suzanny Petrovick made during one very hot and very nasty fun fair makes me think that there are at least some who get pretty close. :) Suzanny is a gorgeous one, really – even though she does her best to act girlish in absolutely all cases and prefers not to flash her cock as much as I do. You can get more pics and vids of hers as well as of other shemale kitty friends of mine right here!

Cutest Kalena Rios Youtube video ever

Posted in Kalena on July 13th, 2010


I love getting presents from my fans and you know what? The tribute Kalena Rios Youtube video that you can see here was one of the most touching I have ever received. The boy that made it obviously put his heart and soul into this movie – among the pics he used here are some of my favorite ones. And the soundtrack is absolutely awesome too – reflects by relaxed Brazilian nature, right? :) Anyway, if you are after slightly less censored videos that what Youtube offers, then just click here! ;)

Kalena Rios and Adriana Rodrigues comparing it

Posted in Kalena on June 23rd, 2010



Here’s a photo scene that will most probably make you decide what shemale dick size is perfect for you. Here you can see Kalena Rios and Adriana Rodrigues posing back-to-back with our rods stiff and… Well, most boys tell me they love my unit while what boys say to Adriana Rodrigues usually sounds like, oh fuck, pull it out, no, no, please, stop it! :D Anyway, her supersized boner looks mesmerizing. Maybe one day I will get brave enough to take it – for my favorite shemale porn site, of course.

Hot POV TS Kalena Rios blowjob

Posted in Kalena on May 17th, 2010



Needless to say, I just love getting my cute little dink sucked off by boys and girls. However, don’t think that TS Kalena Rios blowjob scenes are always those where I get my unit handled. I love giving head as well and I’m here to show it to you on these pics. In fact, the total number of oral porn videos featuring me must be totally enormous – if you want you can just go ahead and count them all here at this transsexual porn site. But, boy, get ready cause there are so many of them! ;)

Kalena Rios and Nicole Montero hit the carnival

Posted in Kalena on April 21st, 2010


Just a couple of cute Latin girls soaking up the fun at a Brazilian carnival, you say? Well, if you follow these two cute Latin girls to their room, you might find out a lot of exciting secrets, boy, cause they are Kalena Rios and Nicole Montero. Really, it’s such a pleasure to know that there are so many guys admiring this pic and not even suspecting that we both have got huge cocks bulging under our little panties down there. Want to see us setting them free? Then you need to visit this site.

Kalena Rios homemade tease pics

Posted in Kalena on February 23rd, 2010




Many people might wanna say that I’m self-centered. Well, that’s probably true cause I really do spend a lot of time scrutinizing my reflection in the mirror and taking pics of myself (sometimes pics get way nastier than what you can see here – some examples of my much wilder stuff are available from this shemale sex site). But I’m not doing it just for kicks – it’s just that I’m so in love with my new face and body that I can’t stop admiring it. :) Hope that’s the way you feel about me too. ;)

Shemale Kalena looking like a Barbie doll

Posted in Kalena on January 9th, 2010




Here’s a bunch of my favorite pics from that super-cute pink-colored photo shoot of mine – the one where sexy shemale Kalena looks like a real candy girl. :) I really love pink clothes and I think that they fit me really fine but… Full nudity still fits me better, don’t you find? By the way, how do you like the last pic out of these three? Makes me looks like a post-op tranny, right? Never gonna happen though! I love my cock and I love using it on naughty boys like you as you can see here.

Steamy Kalena Rios stream video

Posted in Kalena on December 16th, 2009

This Kalena Rios stream video was meant to show my oral skills to the max but that bastard of my fuckmate together with the camera guy just couldn’t stop staring at my butthole – and filming it, in fact, while I was busy sucking that fat dick. That was even a little insulting, so I decided to punish the guy a little bit – and went down on him so hard he almost unloaded straight on the spot. :) That was so fun, my word. If you want to see it yourself and in full, then just hit this site